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Hamish the mouse


Needle felted mouse made with roving wool, 2 beaded eyes, and wire for tail
Size is about 2”W x 3.25”H inches and about 2” deep.
Every felted creature is unique.

Hamish showed up in our kitchen looking for some “scran”. As soon as I figured out that meant some bread or food, we quickly became close friends. Hamish loves the warmth of a kitchen, tea time and some toast. He is always there to support you when you need some lifting up. Here at mossy hour we have had some fun learning Scottish slang thanks to Hamish. So if you are looking for a close companion to have some tea and oatcake with, Hamish might be the perfect new addition to your home!

*Although they are adorable and fun to fondle, the needle-felted creatures are not intended to be toys for children.


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