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Laith the mouse


Needle felted mouse made with roving wool, 2 beaded eyes, and wire for tail
Size is about 2.7”W x 3”H inches and about 3.5” deep.
Every felted creature is unique.

Laith traveled from Scotland with Hamish, however seems to be Irish in background. This little mouse adores making scarves and other warming items for friends. Laith is much older than Hamish, tho none of us have sorted out how old. And this charming mouse has oodles of stories that go back so far in time we are uncertain if the stories are handed down from generation to generation or if Laith is magically reeealy old. Either way, this little mouse is great fun to have around and provides warmth and entertainment for all.

*Although they are adorable and fun to fondle, the needle-felted creatures are not intended to be toys for children.

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