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High quality, Fine Art print.
Total size is 8 X 10.
Limited print series (3 total).

This print is hand signed and packaged in a clear plastic sleeve, shipping in a right stay-flat mailer.

This seasons Garden Healer Portraits begin with the fantastically clever Kee-en. He tends to show up when complex situations need solving. A couple of weeks ago I fell ill, and within a day, my old friend Kee-en was there to drink herbal teas and talk. His stories are so elaborate I feel as though I adventured right alongside of him. Kee-en’s knowledge of plants is beyond any I have read or heard as he has endured centuries thanks to a partnership with a crow called Neville. The arrival of Kee-en and Neville brought much needed laughter and joy to Mossy Hour. Perhaps he knew all along this was the doctoring I needed.
Should you find yourself in need of care, I hope you to find laughter and joy in your garden!


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