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High quality, Fine Art print.
Total size is 8 X 10.
Limited print series (3 total).

This print is hand signed and packaged in a clear plastic sleeve, shipping in a right stay-flat mailer.

Neville is the third and final spring garden portrait. He is close friends with Kee-en and has been for centuries. Neville is shy compared to his boisterous comrade. At first I thought he disliked his visits to Mossy Hour, but he warmed up eventually, and now I have learned how much of a tender heart he is like myself. Neville is calm and only calculated when Kee-en needs rescuing. Sometimes as I have mentioned before, when sick, gloomies move in and take over. Neville has a way with words that reach down into your heart and fill it with confidence and light, sending the gloomies scattering to the wind. You too will be in good hands with Neville watching over you.


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