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High quality, Fine Art print.
Total size is 8 X 10.
Limited print series (3 total).

This print is hand signed and packaged in a clear plastic sleeve, shipping in a right stay-flat mailer.

This is my old friend Lilut. Lilut is the second portrait in the garden series this spring. She has been with me since my first headache as a child. She always appears a few hours into the pain, and stays with me through it. At first I felt fear, the kind of fear that causes your body to go cold and your palms to sweat. I can’t recall how I came to know she walks between this world and another. I remember fearing she was there to take me away from all I hold dear. But instead she sits with me, watching and never judging, this is what became so calming about her presence. I suppose one day she will be my guide across the veil, and there is some comfort in walking that path with an old friend.
Lilut will be there if pain becomes too much and you just need someone to be with you and breathe.


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