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Sunshine In A Bottle

  • Sunshine In A Bottle
  • Sunshine In A Bottle
  • Sunshine In A Bottle

Needle felted specimen is made with roving wool, wire and 2 beaded eyes, encased in a KonMari spice jar :)
Size is about 2 x 4 inches.
Every felted creature is made by hand and unique.

Who is this you ask? Their name is Sunshine:) Here at Mossy Hour we have all sorts of creatures and beings popping up everywhere. This little one began growing in a rather high-traffic spot on a tree stump outside near the bird-feeder and wanted a quiet space inside. So I scooped them up and they have happily been living in a little spice jar in various spots in my studio. If you are looking for a quiet friend who can boost your confidence with their smile.

*Although they are adorable and fun to fondle, the needle-felted creatures are not intended to be toys for children.