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Gloomie Galium


Needle felted creature made with roving wool, wire, 2 beaded eyes and clay pot.
Size is about 2.75 X 2.75 X 5.5 inches.
Every felted creature is made by hand and unique.

This little one grew from a few beans that fell out of my compost. The temperatures dropped and the next morning in the sunlight a little creature was wiggling its rooted arms and sighing loudly between the bibb lettuce and pepper plants. Such a gloomy moppet of a being! Galium is mostly quiet, a bit shy, and always supportive of others over itself. If you find yourself needing a supportive friend to remind you that things are looking up after your cup of tea or coffee, this little creature is for you!

*Although they are adorable and fun to fondle, the needle-felted creatures are not intended to be toys for children.

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