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Pancake Frogget


Needle felted frogget made with roving wool and 2 beaded eyes.
Size is about 2.25 x 2 x 1 inches.
Every felted creature is made by hand and unique.

One thing our gardens are full of is froggets. They travel from all around the western states to meet up and exchange stories at Mossy Hour. This particular frogget is a happy little fellow that likes to take advantage of the classic fairy tale The Frog Prince. He tells this story daily with the hopes of getting more kisses from any and everyone! So if you are needing a little happy creature to make you giggle, who only wants a kiss in return, this little forever frogget (not a prince) would love to live in your home.

*Although they are adorable and fun to fondle, the needle-felted creatures are not intended to be toys for children.

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